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User Guide

Access quick tutorial videos and helpful documents to give you a detailed understanding of how to use InnoCare Software's basic functionality.

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Access quick tutorial videos and training documents explaining how to set up and use all of InnoCare Software's e-Claims integrations, including TELUS WSIB, HCAI and OHIP (Ontario), Teleplan (British Columbia) and TELUS eClaims (Canada - national).

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Work in Progress

See what items our InnoCare Software developers are actively working on.

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Login & Technical Issues

If you are having trouble logging in or downloading InnoCare Software, review our helpful tips and trouble shooting advise.

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Billing & Accounts

Review helpful information and training documents about how to read your InnoCare Software bill, update your payment information, change subscription levels and more.

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Still can't find what you're looking for? See what other questions have been asked by our customers in our Frequently Asked Questions section, or ask a question so other users can see the response.

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